Free Download / BURN THEM TO THE GROUND for the next 24 hours on 5/19/19


I don’t really care that much, but it’s the last day of a popular HBO show called “Game of Thrones”, maybe you heard of it or maybe you haven’t. It’s an ok show, filled with lots of sex, violence, honor, betrayal, love, revenge, zombies and dragons etc ... I know, what’s not to like?!  Mark Curry Music just so happens to have the prefect theme song for this last episode & whatever happens ... 


I feel this song is representative of our all over current state of mind; especially this last week.  That said, for the next 24 hours this song will be free and available for your listening pleasure!   

Play it loud! ⚡️?⚡️ 

KJ On behalf of Mark Curry Music  

PS: Don’t count on this free download thing too often, as it is likely to never happen again & Mark’s rent is always due!  Please feel free to buy all the other songs a hell of a bunch of times ??⚡️