April 2017 Newsletter

Spring has officially sprung! 

Our first ever St. Patrick's Day Kill Mark Curry Tshirt giveaway was a super fun way to celebrate March and how far we've come in the last 7 months.  Eleven new songs should be celebrated, it's a kick ass accomplishment & we couldn't be happier that you are all enjoying the new songs.   

~ A big congratulations to Joe Clifford for willing the Tshirt giveaway!  Cheers Joe! 🍻  

Well, now ... are you all ready for some more new music?  Ready or not, we have a couple rockin tunes for you this month. 

April releases:   

These 2 additional new releases will be available sometime before midnight (PST) TONIGHT @ MarkCurryMusic.com ~ after today's releases it advances the total number of new songs to a lucky 13!   

Get ready to rock out, shake your keister & have a safe & Happy Easter! 

With love,  

The Mark Curry Music Team  

^This post was an email sent on April 2, 2017^  


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