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January 2017 / 

Happy New Year! 

Welcome new comers, we are so glad you have made it to the official Mark Curry Music mailing list.  This is where you get to hear what magic is about to happen, first.   

Let's recap 2016 for Mark Curry Music fans, shall we?   7 new releases were launched from a new website; all kicked off by a free download of RIGHT NOW, gifted to all of you by Mr. Mark Curry.  It was important to Mark that you get the song in time for your Labor Day weekend BBQ celebrations.  I said it before & I'll say it again, that song just begs to be poolside and we accomplished that; RIGHT NOW not only made it to the party in time but, it kicked it off proper!   

2016 Releases 
September:  Right Now 
October:       Dead By Dawn / Here I Come 
November:   You Suck / Sent To Bring You Down 
December:   Down In My Alley / No Heart Left To Fight 

Let's talk T-shirts for a quick minute;  yes, we have limited edition XL - Kill Mark Curry T-shirts, designed by Mark.  We would really like for you to have a shirt; it is just that we hate how much shipping can potentially costs, especially for our International friends.  We also hate having to charge for sales tax, which we are obligated to do in CA.  It's not a big deal, we know, it's just the way it is.  But, we'd prefer to explore potential distribution opportunities that may exist out there.  We'd rather sell them in a friendly shop than ship them individually, ya dig?  If you have a shop, or know of a shop that would want to carry a Mark Curry t-shirt - give us a shout at MarkCurryMusic@yahoo.comand maybe we can work something out.  Otherwise, fine - we will break down and charge crazy shipping costs to get them out there worldwide.  Feedback, give it to us!  

Ok, what else...   

Oh yeah!  2 new releases will be released sometime before midnight (PST) TONIGHT @ MarkCurryMusic.com ~ Yep, for the inaugural month of January, offerings include:  Up In The Attic / Big Blue 


Cheers to all of you and all the good stuff that is to come in 2017.  Please take good care of yourself & each other, we need you!   


The Mark Curry Music Team 

**PS:  Be sure to join the Mark Curry Mailing list, this post was originally emailed on January 6, 2017**

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